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Ballon Comics is a publisher of Dutch-language comics, with Jommeke as the leading title. The series already includes more than 250 titles. Every year, more than one million Jommeke comics are sold. Research by Fun in 2010 showed that the blonde adventurer is the most popular comic hero in Flanders.

Besides Jommeke, Ballon Comics also publishes the following series: K3, Flikken, Sisters, Dance Academy, Game Over and Kid Paddle and the Dutch version of Garfield.
Ballon Comics also publishes the Dutch editions of the comics of Dupuis (Largo Winch, De Blauwbloezen, Robbedoes en Kwabbernoot…), Dargaud (XIII, Murena, De Schorpioen…), Le Lombard (Thorgal, Alfa, IRS…), Marsu Productions (Guust Flater, Marsipulami, Natasja…) Lucky Comics (Lucky Luke…) and Kana (Death Note, Naruto, Bleach…).

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Ballon Media Belgium

Franklin Rooseveltplaats 12
2060 Antwerp - Belgium
T. +32 (0)3 294 15 00
F. +32 (0)3 294 15 01

BTW BE 0425 148 327
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